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As our name indicates, we our proud of our expertise. dataMavens employs only the best system architects and software developers.

Our line of services is designed to achieve a single goal: Providing our clients with world-class IT Resources.

IT Consulting
dataMavens' founders come from a Corporate IT Consulting background. This focus has been preserved and enhanced over the years, and we continue to provide strategic consulting services at competitive prices.

From system architecture to custom software, dataMavens' IT Consultants can provide you with the three most important elements of a sound infrastructure:
 Design !
 Design ! !
 Design ! ! !

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Custom Development & Staffing
dataMavens also employs the best web, client/server and application developers. But don't take our word for and speak to us. We will schedule a meeting to introduce you to one of our project managers, at no obligation.

dataMavens' dedication to Project Management is a natural extension of our dedication to our clients: What good is a world-class programmer in a poorly managed project?

Let our proven effective, team-based approach work for you!

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